End of the servers project


I am sad to announce that but by agreement with Jp, who helped me to funded the project, we stop the servers next month because there are not enough players to justify their rentals. The servers were temporarily created to compete in the competition BIS and did not meet the expected success.

It concerns:
- Arma servers
- The TeamSpeak server
- Website
- Wiki

The thread on the BIS forum is open for those who want to post comments, or requests.

I would like to thank everyone who came and participated to know the project. Thank you all, and see you soon on a new project.

Combat Assault Thread

New release : 1.26 version

Hi Guys !

Just release the 1.26 version

- add map control
- fix server ranking
- add information about convoy
- add new missions zone
- fix init map settings
- add new inventory classes
- delete useless code
- add avalaible time vehicle information
- fix bleeding settings
- tune ticket windows
- add author in credits

Have fun !

You can download the 1.26 version at this place:
Download 1.26

Combat Assault – Gold version – 1.24 – Release

Hi guys,

For this new year, i just release the new Combat Assault version : 1.24

More informations about the differents update:
- players can deploy in vehicles
- update the real weather script with new version
- add parameter on/off rollmessages on the spawn dialog
- fix end mission that cause server crashed
- fix weapons reload at spawn
- add/restore 1d/3d camera view at spawn
- add circular list for prev/next spawn button
- increase player tags view distance
- add differents levels parameters
- tune number of zones at begining / decrase the tickets at 500
- fix unview windows when leave inventory
- delete old map marker system

You can download the mod at this place:
Download COMBAT ASSAULT 1.24

Combat Assault – Gold version – 1.22 – Release

Hi guys,

The Gold version official release of Combat Assault called “Birth of New Empire” 1.22 has just been published. Finaly, Bohemia re opened the subscription until yesterday. So this version will be the reference release for the Make Arma Not War Contest. The 1.22 version includes a lot of new features about the scoring system, hud, vehicles system, and is also more balancing. There is 4 level of difficulty avalaible and fatigue is by default off :)

You can download the mod at this place:
Download COMBAT ASSAULT 1.22